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Change the Game
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The Change the Game conference is a 1.5 day facilitated workshop that provides information on using a cutting edge methodology:

sports system re-design (SSrD).


What is SSrD?

SSRD is an innovative strategy for leaders and administrators of sports-based youth development to modify the sport experience to achieve desired outcomes.

In the past two decades there has been a significant growth in the number of programs and leagues that use sport as a way to achieve specific outcomes in youth development - both on and off the field. Coaches, league administrators program directors and other sports leaders are exploring how to create an experience that maximizes the positive impact of sport on players. Sports System re-Design (SSrD) is an emerging strategy to do this.In order to properly define SSrD, you need to be familiar with several core terms:

Sports System: The sum total of all the core elements of a sport experience. It is the entire sports experience, encompassing:

  • Location/venue
  • Equipment and gear
  • Practices, competition, rules of play
  • Participants (players, coaches, parents and fans, referees, other teams, opponents, etc.)
  • Structures that support the play

Outcome: A specific goal you want to achieve through the sport experience

re-Design: Experimenting with discreet elements in the sport system to achieve that specific outcome.


Using the terms above, Sports System re-Design is defined as:
Re-Designing the sport experience to get a desired outcome.

What participants receive:

  • A deep understanding of SSrD - its origins, translations from other fields and how sport has changed over time.
  • A "Current Reality Assessment" - once participants understand SSrD, they are guided through an assessment that helps determine how ready their program is for SSrD and what steps might be necessary before implementing this strategy.
  • Opportunities to think critically and specifically about your program's desired outcome(s).
  • A safe space to try re-Design strategies with your own program's outcomes.
  • A framework to help formalize any re-Design work to standardize the strategy within your organization. Our goal is for you to leave with a clear plan for how to embed this within your program(s)!
  • Facilitated and guided feedback by sports-based youth development and program design experts through the entire re-Design process.



What Else makes this workshop unique?

  • Provides a professional development opportunity for grassroots organizations that don’t otherwise have the opportunity to attend such events.
  • Fills a void in the professional development landscape by focusing on program directors and staff who are responsible for designing programs that achieve youth development outcomes.
  • Provides participants with SSrD toolkits filled with strategies and outcomes planning techniques to use during the implementation process.
  • Enlists national and local innovators to serve as mentors to local practitioners attempting to achieve powerful outcomes for the youth they serve
  • Facilitated by experts in designing for positive youth development outcomes from Up2Us, Edgework Consulting and Boston University’s Institute for Athletic Coach Education.


Questions? Want to host a Change the Game Conference in your area?

Contact us!

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